So what is Doddle?

Traditional computing-based methods and approaches no longer meet peoples' day-to-day needs, they are not fit for purpose, or sustainable for the future or even necessary. Technology products continue to dominate the landscape and are driving complexity to the extent that the available products and services are at best difficult and frustrating or at worst unusable, limiting the possibilities and opportunities of computing and the Internet. It doesn't have to be this way.

Doddle is a new service that will enable people of all backgrounds to use the benefits and capabilities of the Internet irrespective of ability, age, social circumstances, knowledge or levels of understanding. The everyday activities and needs of this silent majority and the ever-growing disparity and disadvantages they face; the imperative to move to a human-centric view; and continual technological advances and innovations together drive this vision for a fundamental change and a natural evolution in the way people will utilise the Internet.

The service focuses on four main themes identified from everyday life: communication, entertainment, information (explore and discover) and learning. Doddle will be delivered similar to a utility (i.e. gas/electricity) or mobile phone service – automatically set-up and looked after without any need for the customer to understand how it works (or how to maintain or repair), always on and ever-present, does only what the customer wants, is provided by a single supplier, and customers only pay for what they use.

Doddle does however also offer much, much more. Doddle will be simpler, more efficient, better, smarter, affordable, safer and more reliable. It is based on a forward looking business, service and technological innovations that will deliver equality, opportunity and accessibility for all whilst engendering lasting positive social change.