Welcome to Doddle

Doddle enables people of all backgrounds to use the benefits and capabilities of the Internet irrespective of ability, age, social circumstances, knowledge or levels of understanding.

Doddle is simple, clever, smart, affordable, safe and reliable delivering equal opportunity and accessibility for all whilst engendering lasting positive change.


Everything we do for our customers and every element of our business will be simple, accessible and intuitive, removing complexity to ensure Doddle is extremely easy to use, requires no prior knowledge or special training and yet provides many new benefits.can phones


Customers receive real value for money, personal freedom and choice, no hidden extras and will pay only for what they use, with lifestyle options providing the opportunity to save money and reduce energy costs with no capital outlay.peanuts


Doddle is designed and available for everyone, from individuals to groups and communities, delivering the same value, benefits and advantages to all at any time of the day or night, from any place.ticket